Refund 25% only if your Wins are less than 20

Betting Experiences

     I've been betting for 15 years. I had great gains during this period as well as some less successful times that I used as education. This experience has been enjoyable but also profitable, and over the years it has become a passion. Since I have started sharing my picks it has become a full time job, although I do not post tips every day – it is important to wait for the right opportunity as this is not gambling, it is an investment tool.

Betting Strategy

     In my opinion the secret to football betting lies in the odds. If we have some knowledge about two teams, odds may tell us the result of the match. However, it is not as simple as it seems. First of all it needs a lot of experience, knowledge, mathematical skills and intuition. But the most importing thing is patience, which is something we must never forget. You cannot constantly win on betting. It is impossible. But you can get profit if you combine skills with a good strategy. Never expect huge gains. I am especially successful in the English Premier, but the French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga are my secondary leagues, although I do predict from any league. However, I don't like to make too many predictions because quality rather than quantity is more important to me.



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